Blog week 1

There is no answer on this question, you can ask as many people around the world as you can, and everyone will tell you different point of view on what actually culture mean.

I think culture is something that we getting engaged with. Almost everyone of us is a part of his own culture, even if you live in completely different country.

On my own opinion culture – is result of a variety of genetic activity due to generation of people, it is also a level of information of the individual states, through which social organization is able to exist in society. The type of information that builds the model of culture, its laws, customs and traditions, that is, the whole measure of its possible states. Genetic information transmitted social from generation to generation. Culture is a set of material and spiritual values, produced by mankind throughout history. I also think that culture is the way our behaviors, feelings, thoughts, communicating, and understanding of all things that it is extremely difficult for us to step back from our everyday life.

The first most important element of culture I’m engage in is language. Habit – is another important element in my culture, it’s an established scheme (stereotype) behavior in certain circumstances. Manner is also important element it is the external form of my behavior, receiving positive or negative evaluation of others. Tradition is also important element of social and cultural heritage, transmitted from generation to generation. Ritual is also playing a major role in my culture, because it is a set of symbolic stereotypes of collective action, specific type of behavior during the ceremonial acts.

I think that mass culture is where are may people involved and its defines a lot of people together. We can say that mass culture is known as a commercial culture that is produced for masses of people. Mass culture also can be known as a popular culture, this culture changes constantly and occurs uniquely in place and time. It forms currents and eddies, and represents a complex of mutually interdependent perspectives and values that influence society and its institutions in various ways.


We can say that a high culture can be seen as a culture, which defines, by things like Theatre, Classical Music, Fine Art and more… It feels like the high culture was taken on by elite, compare to the mass culture which one was more suited for the common people.


By Slavik

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