Blog Week 9

Almost every person is registered in some sort of social websites such as (facebook, myspace, twitter, bebo and more) And tell you true that nowadays almost each of us know, what our friends are doing in the moment or what they done in the past, where they are located, you don’t even how to communicate with them, you can simply open they profile and check they status information, photos and videos.

This is the power of the Internet and social websites, we all involved with it and we all exposed our life for everyone. When it’s comes to me, I’m the same person as you all, I also use social websites, I also upload images and videos, and I also get tagged in images from my friends. The information which one I have online is private and only my friends can view it, also I try to keep only information which one on my opinion can be public, the information which one my friends don’t spouse to know I don’t publish. I know myself what kind of images and video of myself I can publish and make it live to the public, and which not. Sometimes we add our own employers and managers in friend list, I know that they can see all of my information, but as soon as I add them I’m applying certain setting on what type of the information, images or videos they can see and what they can’t. I always try to think 1st and then do it, so that’s why the information I have on my social public websites is tight and clean, and I would be a shamed to find out next day from my friends, or employers that for example I was drunk on Sunday night.

Everyone knows that opinions can be formed straight away after looking at your profile page, without even knowing a person.

My own opinion of the implications of Digital Natives is that they started using digital technology’s since they were born, I don’t think that they will tell who they really are in their profiles, they will limit the information they want to be displayed. Most of them will form their lifestyle in an environment with the information technologies, but I think they also became more influenced by others. Maybe later when they grow up, when they would be busy working or studding they will don’t have that much time using public networked, they would be more engaged in real life.

I think that online deviance always would be live, and it’s all up to the people. A lot of people world wide who are engaged in discriminations, racism, violence, picture / video bullying etc… They write everything bad just to make person to upset; they think it’s a fun game just by writing or emailing it. The users know that they have online freedom and they know that the person who got this email from then would be worried and panicking, who send it? Who is trying to scare me? Who is keep texting me and following all my moves? The reason for that is because they unknown.

My own opinion parents how to watch they teenagers, the websites such as (how to suicide, how to create a home made bomb and so on…) should be blocked by government policies, and the teenagers itself how to think first before making any moves. Another good thing would be by Google itself blocking certain keywords, so the teenager who looking for something that against government policies or against appropriated behavior could not get that information.

Moral panic certainly comes with the increasing scale of networked public, and its always will be. I think that people themselves provoke others, by posting images of themselves which don’t have to be displayed at all circumstances, and that’s where all cyber bulling and sexual intention begins.

As I mention before parents have to be aware of what they teenagers are doing, they have to communicate with them more, and also the teenagers themselves have to think upfront of what can happened before posting something.

By Slavik

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